discover one of our september boxes!

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x Hazelnut Box - Raw Brownie
Raw and vegan brownie bites made with walnuts and desiccated coconut and no added sugar!

x Guruji - Lightly Salted Popped Lotus Seeds
Light and crunchy popped lotus seeds with a pinch of salt.

x Guruji - Cheesy Vegan Popped Lotus Seed
Light and crunchy popped lotus seeds flavoured with vegan cheese.

x Nik’s Tea - Green Tea
Organic and award winning green sencha tea bag.

x Snack Farm - Almond Mix
Raw almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, currants, cranberries, raisins and chocolate drops.

x Dr Coys - Coconut Oil
Organic, virgin, raw, cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil.

x Bumble Zest - Cacao Matcha Collagen x 2
Half a lemon, cayenne, vanilla, cinnamon, and a drop of honey.

x Mindful Bites - Cashew Nut & Baobab Crunchy Bites
Gluten-free wafer sticks filled with cashew & baobab nut butter.

x 5th Seasons - Freeze Dried Fruit Salad Bites
Freeze dried strawberries, bananas and apples bites.

x Evolve Beauty - Tropical Blossom Body Butter
Organic shea butter and natural Tahitian coconut Monoi macerated in exotic blossoms of Gardenia.