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Discover one of our May boxes!

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x Brave - Sea Salt Roasted Peas

Crunchy roasted peas with a bit of sea salt.
✓ 7g of protein, 100% natural ingredients

x Chiche - Onion Roasted Chickpeas

Organic roasted chickpeas with onion. Rich in fibre and high in protein!
✓ Organic, naturally gluten-free

x Press - Pineapple & Goji bar

Plant-based energy bar with goji berries and pineapple. Low in saturated fat and increase your energy levels!
✓ 100% natural

x Kitchen & Soul - Chocolate Bomb energy balls

Raw cocoa balls made with organic dates mixed with cocoa nibs, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and tumeric.
✓ 100% natural, gluten-free, refined sugar free

x Hazelnut Box - Rosemary Crackers

A crunchy snack made with local and organic ingredients.
Rich in protein and made with fresh rosemary!.
✓ Vegan

x The Konjac Sponge Company - Rainforest Charcoal Sponge (non-food surprise optional)

Konjac Sponge is great for use in the shower or bath. Consider this a hygienic and skin-friendly alternative to the basic flannel or mesh bath puff.
✓ Vegan, 100% natural, colouring & additive-free

x Brave - Caramel & Chocolate Roasted Peas

Crunchy roasted peas dipped in single-origin dark chocolate with a twist of salted caramel.
✓ 5g of protein, contain only natural ingredients

x Press - Top banana bites

Dried bananas chewy and rich in flavour made with Bogoya bananas.
✓ 100% natural ingredients, vegan, no added sugar

x New Kings Coffee - Light Roast Coffee bag

Single Origin, Fairtrade, Organic, Fresh Ground Coffee all wrapped up in convenient and mess-free coffee bag.
✓ Organic, fairtrade

x Culture Pop - Thyme & Lemon Popcorn

Non GMO, light and crunchy popcorn with flavours and aromas of Provence.
✓ Vegan, gluten-free

x Prunotto - Pumpkin Pesto

Pumpkin Pesto great for Pasta or Bruschetta. Made by Organic Prunotto farm in the Piemontese Hills of Northern Italy
✓Organic, vegan

x Tapped - Bilberry and Lingonberry Birch Water - Free gift in every vegan box!

Bilberry & lingonberry birch water is a delicately unsweet tree-tapped water mixed with bilberry & lingonberry juices.
✓ Vegan, no added sugars or sweeteners

x Bumble Zest - Cacao, Maca & Collagen shot - Free gift in every classic box!

100% natural ingredients shot with lemon, cayenne, cinnamon, vanilla and a drop of honey.
✓ 100% natural, no preservatives or additives