May 2018
Healthy Before Summer


May theme was "Healthy before summer" 
We selected really tasty BUT guilt-free food products.
It was great fun to accept this challenge and we hope you liked the Box 


Nossa - Organic Açai, Guarana & Ginger Juice 

With its high concentration of real açaí berries, Nossa! organic juice offer the amazing taste and health benefits of this Amazonian superfruit

It's the healthy, energizing juice you can enjoy with your meal or on its own, as a morning or afternoon snack. Rich in muscle-regenerating amino acids and minerals, Nossa! organic juice is also the ideal sports recovery drink.

Nut Blend - Mini Praline Nut Butter 

This is a healthy nutritious twist on a traditional praline recipe with just three natural ingredients: rich buttery pecans, crunchy almonds and Peruvian maca, which adds sweet caramel notes to really indulge on your sweet tooth. This jar contains 98% nuts!



Nut Blend - Mini Golden Nut Butter 

An exquisite combination of buttery macadamias, creamy coconut and a sprinkling of almonds. That's it. It has a velvety smooth and tastes amazing.
This jar contains 71% nuts!

Clearspring - Organic Tamari Rice Crackers 

These delicious, wheat-free tamari flavoured rice crackers are traditionally made using special organic sweet rice and natural seasonings. They are low in fat, sugar-free and do not contain flavour enhancers, colourings and preservatives.



Organic Chia Seeds 

Chia seed is  a dense nutrient and has an energy-boosting power. Add it to your breakfast, salads to give more flavour to your food

Homemade Energy Balls  

Daphné made delicious peanut butter energy balls with organic ingredients!
It's a great snack to bring to the gym or to work.
Ingredients: Organic Jumbo Oats, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic smooth Peanut Butter, Organic dates, Organic Dark Chocolate with raspberries, water,Cinnamon,salt
Allergy advice : For allergens, see ingredients in bold
Store in a cool & dry place in an airtight container



Beech Wood & Glass Diffuser

Place this frosted glass diffuser with beech wood lids around your home for a clean fragrance of fresh cotton or fresh linen.