Taster box - Subscription

Taster box - Subscription

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Charity Donation:

Receive a selection of organic & natural snacks every month at home or at your desk!


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What’s in the box?

The box contains at least 8 delicious healthy treats including a selection of organic & natural snacks and a handmade good made with local organic ingredients. We are vegan friendly as we offer a 100% vegan option.

Charity Donation

You can choose to donate 1 €/ month towards Enable Ireland with any of our plans. The donation will go onward until the end of the subscription. We will then transfer the donations every trimester to the Charity. We will update you on this across our social media platforms.

Here at Hazelnut box, we source delicious and nutritious artisans snacks made from the finest ingredients.



If you opt-in to receive your box now you will receive:


x Hazelnut Box - Raspberry & Lemon Energy balls (V)

x I love snacks - Mixed nuts (V, GF)

x I love snacks - Natural Italian Olives (V, GF)

x Press - Top banana bites (V)

* V = vegan; GF= gluten-free

x Brave - Chocolate & Salted Caramel Roasted Peas (V)

x Chiche - Onion Roasted Chickpeas (V, GF)

x Nik’s Tea - Peppermint Tea Bag (organic, V)

x Nik’s Tea - Green Sencha Tea Bag (organic, V)

x Nik’s Tea - Berry Treasure Tea bag (organic, V)


When will I receive my box?
Your box will be dispatched on the first Monday of July.
If you opt-in to receive your box now, your box will be dispatched on the Monday following your order.