Gift Plan - Premium Box

Gift Plan - Premium Box

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  • Non-food surprise (optional) +€5

Non-Food Surprise:
Charity Donation:
Let's go!

Gift the experience of discovering a selection of delicious healthy snacks to someone you love!


Personal message

We’ll take care of sending the Box to your loved one with a personal message from you!

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Personalise the box

Share the birthday date of your loved one. They will receive an extra surprise in their box to celebrate this special day!

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Receive your box now

You can receive your box now! Just tick the box “Receive your box now” at checkout.
(Limited stock!)


What’s in the box?

The box contains at least 10 delicious healthy snacks including a selection of natural snacks, a handmade good made with organic ingredients and a non-food surprise (optional) for only €5 extra!
The homemade good’s recipe is included for free to make the recipe at home!
We are vegan friendly as we offer a 100% vegan option.

Charity Donation

You can choose to donate 1 € towards Voice Ireland with any of our plans. We will then transfer the donations every semester to the Charity. We will update you on this across our social media platforms.

Here at Hazelnut box, we source delicious and nutritious artisans snacks made from the finest ingredients.



If you opt-in to receive your box now you will receive:


x Hazelnut Box - Berries & Chia Seed Jam

x Thé de Caroline - Cranberry-Ginger Loose Tea

x Chiche - Mustard and Rosemary Roasted Chickpeas

x Mindful Bites - Crunchy Bites Cashew Nut & Baobab

x Not.Corn - Sweet Chilli Popped Sorghum

x Snack Farm - Almond Mix*

x Snack Farm -Edamame Mix

x 5th Seasons - Freeze Dried Fruit Salad Bites

x Mighty Bee - Bananito Dark Chocolate Dipped

x Wholey Moly - Almond, Hemp & Chia Cookie

x Tapped - Apple & Ginger Root Birch Water

* not vegan (will be replaced by another snack if you opt-in for a vegan box)


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Brilliant Products Every Month

I really enjoy each box I receive and I look forward to getting it each month. It's fantastic to have a service like this that caters for us vegans! […] Leanne

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I am really enjoying my hazelnut box

I am really enjoying my hazelnut box each month. It is a great concept, ten lovely surprises in each box, some of which have been homemade and delicious! […] Claire

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Highly recommend

Every single product is delicious and a great discovery, so far I've never been disappointed and am confident I never will be! We finished everything in no time […] Benny


When will I receive the box?
Your box will be dispatched on the first Monday of September.
If you opt-in to receive your box now, your box will be dispatched on the Monday following your order.