What is Organic?

What’s Organic?

What does organic really mean? We all know that organic products are better than conventional products but why? I will try to answer these questions as good as I can, highlighting the most important points.

I will also share my favorite places to buy organic food in Dublin with you!



Organic Farming

Organic farming respects strict standards to make high quality ingredients.
It means that the products have not been genetically modified and that chemicals and pesticides are not allowed to be used in the production.
However, organic food does not mean that the product is healthy but justify how the ingredients have been processed.  

E.g: Organic cookies are not healthy because they are organic!

How do you know a product is organic?

EU organic logo-min.jpg

In Ireland, pre-packaged food must have the EU organic logo to attest that the product has been processed respecting organic production European rules.

There are five inspection and certification bodies in Ireland:

  • Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Associations (IOFGA)

  • Organic Trust

  • The Institute for Marketecology (IMO)

  • Global Trust Certification Limited (GTC)

  • Biodynamic Agricultural Association (BDAA)

All food produced with their standards is permitted to be labelled as organic.  

What are the benefits of eating organic?

Organic food has a direct impact on your health as it has more nutrients and is GMO (genetically modified organisms) free.
Food is also fresher as it does not contain any preservatives that make it last longer.
Finally and the most important for food lovers like me, does organic food is tastier than conventional food?
In general, I do find organic food tastier but there is no real answer to this questions as it depends of different factors, I guess.
What do you think? Leave your answer in the comment section!



Where do I buy organic food?

Organic food is not really easy to find in Ireland for the moment. It is a growing trend but it is still not available enough from my point of view.
Tesco and Lidl have a small range of organic fruits and vegetables for the day to day food shopping.
However, my favourite store to buy organic food in Dublin is from far the Food Co-op located at the Newmarket, D8. They propose organic bulk ingredients, milk, eggs and a lot of other things!

At Hazelnut Box, we choose to focus on organic products because we believe that it is good for us and for the planet.


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