Increase your staff happiness!

Top 5 office perks that will make your team happier and more productive!

Unlimited holidays 

Some companies such as Netflix and Indeed offer unlimited vacations to their employees if they respect their deadlines. 

It will enable your team to manage their own work-life balance and give outstanding work to be able to enjoy unlimited holidays! 

✓ The deadlines need to be clear to enable your team to feel free to ask for days off. 
For example, you can set up a minimum target to reach and allow your team to take as many days off as they want as soon as they reach this minimum target.

Pet friendly

Pet owners will absolutely love this perk! 
Leaving your pet at home for 8 hours straight is a pain for owners, and they will be relieved to be able to bring their dog at work. 
Also, pets will bring a fun atmosphere into the office!

✓ Set up a clear policy to make it work. You can set up a rotation process to avoid too many dogs at the same time. You can also dedicate a room for dogs for people who are not comfortable with them.  

Healthy Snacks 

Employees eat several times during working hours. Offering free snacks at work enables your team to save time and money as they usually would have to leave the office to buy a snack. 

✓Opting for healthy snacks is a way to show your team you care about their wellness. 
Your team will be more productive and feel good about themselves for eating healthy!

On-site chair massage

Seating on a chair 8 hours a day is really uncomfortable and becomes painful over time. 
Offering a weekly/monthly chair massage shows your team you care about their well-being.

✓ Each massage is specifically designed to reduce muscle tension and stress. 
Your employees will feel relaxed and will be more productive! 

Nap room 

Dedicating a room for nap and relaxation will make your employees more energetic. After lunch or in the afternoon, most people feel the need to take a brief power nap. 

✓ Allowing your team to take a 15-20 minutes nap in a quiet and dark room will make them feel amazing!

I hope this blog post will help you to choose the best office perks for your team!

Talk to you soon,


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