My sustainable skincare routine

Skin routine

I like the simple things in life. I have never really been the one to follow complicated skincare routine like the 10 steps Korean one. No,  I usually crave something way more simple. Mostly because my routines need to be sustainable on the long term and being the person than I am, long and complicated routines tend to be left out really quickly. All I need is a routine with very few effective steps. It took me a while to genuinely put an effort into my skin routine and now that I have developed one, I navigate towards natural and eco-friendly products as they often tend to be more gentle on my skin.

It all starts with a clean face. I usually wash my face with the Kaolin Clay Soap from Justine Le Guil. Since I have a dry and sensitive skin, this soap is perfect for me. One of the key ingredients in that soap is Aloe Vera which is a great moisturizer and definitely a favourite…

Face mask

I use a fresh leave of Aloe Vera to make my face mask. I simply cut a piece of it, cut it in half, rinse it with hot water and then apply it gently on my face. I let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse. I follow this step at least twice a week. This mask is really amazing. My skin feels replenished after it.

I buy my Aloe Vera at the Temple Bar Food Market. One leave usually lasts for a couple of weeks !

Time for the toner

Once I am out of the shower, I gently  pad down my face with a towel and then apply my toner. The purpose of a toner is to help removing excess dirt, correct and balance the pH of your skin, My toner is from Lush and it comes as a tab that needs to be activated in warm water.

Vitamin C serum by Sana Natural

Serum Time

After the toner, I follow with a vitamin C serum. My favorite discovery this year is a serum from Sana Naturals. The beauty of this product is that it is a unique blend of botanical oils. Each oil has its own particular properties and their combination will restore the skin’s natural glow. The serum smells lovely and leaves my skin soft and refreshed. I religiously apply it twice a day !

The last part of the routine is my hydrating cream. I currently use Nivea but I am looking for an Eco-friendly alternative once it is all gone.

Warrior Deodorant

Deodorant & Toothpaste

They don’t make much sense all together but well…

My current deodorant is the rosemary and cedar wood deodorant cream from Warrior. The product is handmade in Ireland and contains natural and organic ingredients.

My current toothpaste is from Georganics. Once you got past the texture, it is actually a great toothpaste ! The packaging is minimal and the toothpaste comes in a glass jar ! Georganics is a sustainable and conscientious brand using only natural ingredients for their products…which is always a plus in my book.

My advice

Your skincare routine should be a routine that works for you and you only. Everybody skin is different and will react differently to the products I have mention above. You’ll have to go through a couple of trial and error to develop a skin routine that will bring what you want and need.Do what’s best for you !

What products do you enjoy using to take care of your skin ?

Talk to you soon,



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