Office snacks increase productivity!

Why should I implement free snacks in my office?

Free snacks at work make employees happier and more productive. According to a study by Seamless, an online delivery service located in the UK, having company-provided food around the office “would make employees feel more valued and appreciated”.

The survey has been answered by 1200 employees working in small and medium sized companies.

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Free snacks at work show your team you care about their wellness. It’s a joy for employees to access healthy and tasty snacks every day without leaving the office!

Office perk

Employees need an office environment that encourages productivity and helps them be happy.

Free snacks increase happiness at work as people are excited to discover new treats every day!

Also, healthy snacks are expensive and by offering them to your employees you allow them to save money and time as they don’t have to leave the office to buy them.

How much does it cost?

Snacks are a small cost on the benefits package when you are paying staff +25K per year.

We recommend to count 1 to 3 snacks per employee per day.

For example, for a company of 50 employees it will cost around €1900/ month to offer free snacks to you team.

Why choose Hazelnut Box?

At Hazelnut box, we offer a healthy snack delivery service for small and medium companies.
We decided to advertise organic & natural products because we believe in the value of organic farming and we want to support high quality products . I want more information…

I hope this post will help you to know more about food perks at work,

Talk to you soon!



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