Increase your energy levels and become unstoppable!

Become unstoppable!

Increasing my energy level is one of my main goals at the moment. In this blog post, I will list some natural ways to increase your energy levels to become unstoppable! 

1 - Hydrating more

One of the symptoms of being dehydrated is fatigue. It’s super important to drink all day long to keep a high energy level. 

2 - Reducing refined carbs  

Reducing refined carbohydrates will have a big impact on your sugar levels. 

In fact, refined carbs cause blood sugar to rise and as your sugar level rises, your pancreas releases insulin, which prompts your cells to absorb sugar from the blood. This causes your blood sugar levels to drop and causes fatigue.

Examples of refined sugar carbs to avoid: Candy, white flour, white rice, white sugar… 

3 - Reducing stress

Stress is causing you fatigue because of the intensity of your emotions. 

Meditation or yoga are good exercises to help your body and mind relax and disconnect from stressful situations. 

I personally meditate with zen music, but you can start with guided meditation which might be easier for beginners. 

4 - Exercising 

2-min (4).jpg

I would recommend to exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week for 30-60 minutes.
Exercising causes your body to release the hormones endorphin and dopamine. 

They make you feel super-productive, happy and more energetic! 

You will be surprised how energetic you feel after a hard workout at the gym! 

5 - Getting quality sleep 

The most important is not sleeping more but getting better quality sleep. Some people only need 5 hours sleep and some need 8 hours. Everybody is different. 

To maximize your sleep, set up a bed time and your body will learn to go into a sleepy mode at this time.

Also, avoid stimulating your senses in anyway at least an hour before bed. 

I hope this blog post will help you become unstoppable! Please leave a comment if you have any other tips!

Talk to you soon,


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