Honey Sweetened Apricot & Raspberry Lemonade

Why we love this lemonade

 A sunny day comes with the need for a drink to compliment the weather and cool me down. And by a drink, I mean something a little bit more exciting than water. An icy cold glass of homemade lemonade is perfect on a hot day.

I love lemonade, however often the store-bought one is a bit too sweet for me. Although I'll happily admit that I have a sweet tooth, I think that when it comes to sugar, I rather eat it than drink it ! The best way to avoid a substantial amount of sugar in your lemonade is to make it yourself by ditching the processed sugar for honey. That's the twist. I love the simplicity of using honey in my recipes.

The honey melts into the water, the apricot and raspberry infuse the water with their flavors. It is refreshingly delicious. This lemonade takes so little time to make, it's fun, colorful and any ingredients can be substituted with the ones you like.

The Ingredients

This recipe calls for only 5 ingredients. It all starts with a syrup made out of fruits, some fresh lemon juice, water and the sweetener of your choice. The usual sweetener for lemonade is sugar, but you could also use some agave, stevia or ...HONEY. Honey adds a delicious quite distinctive flavor to the mix and compliment the rest of the recipe.

Substitute the fruits with your favorite ones. This recipe is the perfect example of doing it with what you have. I would not usually mix raspberry and apricot but decided to try this combination because I had some left in my fruit basket. And it turns out pretty well... The power of the leftovers ! 

For the lemonade, I'll opt for fresh lemon juice and sparkling or still water. If you want to add a bit of a kick to your drink you could also use some gin.

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1 : This recipe is very forgiving. If anything goes wrong, just add some water, honey or anything you think is missing to balance the flavor to your own liking. Simply adjust it to your taste.

Tip 2 :  When using honey as a sweetener it is best to add it while making the syrup. Adding it to the cold drink might not give the best results.

Tip 3 : Chill your lemonade and ADD SOME ICE-CUBES. Lemonade tastes even better when chilled. Also you could garnish your drink with lemons slices, fresh fruits and aromatics if you feel extra fancy.

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Take care and see you next time.


The Recipe


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