Homemade Pumpkin Granola

The reasons I love Pumpkin Granola

My love for granola is undeniable ! It is simply happiness on a spoon. It is easy to make, easy to bake, tastes amazing and can be quite a nutritious snack. I also love how easy it is to come up with your own recipe. Granola is definitely a “ whatever topping I’ll find in the kitchen will do” type of recipe. No fuss. It will make you come up with a new recipe every time you run out of it. Creativity at its best !

I previously share my classic granola recipe with chocolate and cranberries ! As fall sets in, I am switching things up and adding pumpkin to my granola ! Because nothing says fall better than pumpkin !

What you’ll get from this granola is crispy chunks of granola, toasted nuts, caramelized pumpkin and that gorgeous smell of cinnamon in your kitchen ! It is a quite enjoyable sweet and slightly savoury combo.Top up your salads with it. Eat is as snack on its own. Add it on top of of a yoghurt. There is many ways to enjoy your granola !


The Ingredients

Pumpkin puree: Obviously ! The star of the recipe ! You could make your own or simply use a store-bought one ! Make sure to look at the sugar content and adjust the quantity of sweetener in the recipe, so you won’t end up with an overly sweet granola !

Spices : The supporting actor of the recipe ! Cinnamon and nutmeg ! Their gorgeous smell should be enough to convince you that you need them in the recipe !

Oil : Oil will bring crispiness as well as flavour. It can be as neutral or as flavourful as you’d like. I used a neutral oil ( sunflower oil) as I don’t want the flavour to overshadow the flavour of the pumpkin and spices.

Maple syrup : This granola is slightly sweetened with maple syrup ! It caramelized the pumpkin puree and bid the ingredients. You could swap it for you favourite sweetener : honey, agave syrup,…

Oats : Jumbo flakes are my favourites !

Toppings : This is the part where you can be as creative as your want ! Nuts, seeds, chocolate, dried fruits,…. The toppings provide taste and texture and nutritional value to your granola !

The Recipe

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