Mixed Berries chia seeds Jam

Childhood memories

I have always been a fan of making my own jam at home! I definitely picked this from my mom. She made an habit of making jams every summer with the fruits from our garden or the market. As a child, I absolutely loved that time of the year and I particularly loved scrapping the saucepan with a spoon to eat the freshly made jam! My mom still makes her own jam and got very creative over the years to the point of making jams with grapes. Something that never crossed my mind !

So being my mother’s daughter, I decided to make an experiment of my own. I had seen chia seeds jam here and there on the internet and never gave it more attention. Then the other day, for whatever reason, I decided to make some strawberry jam, saw my jar of chia seeds and instantly though of trying this chia seed jam thing. A small batch later, I am actually convinced !Thanks to the gelling power of the chia seeds, there is no need to add tons of sugar and pectin to set the jam. The chia seeds will absorb the juice from the fruits and make it reach its jam consistency.

The simplicity of this recipe definitely makes it a must try. This jam is the perfection addition to your porridge, yogurt or peanut butter toast(s)!


The ingredients


Make this recipe your own : The possibilities are endless . Choose your favourite fruits, change the quantity of chia seeds to play with the texture and consistency of the jam, add in some herbs, use your favourite sweetener or none at all. It’s all up to you!

The process

Chia Seed Jam.png

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and will try it for yourself !


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