Millionaire Shortbread Bites

Millionaire Shortbread Bites

Traditional Millionaire shortbread requires a bit of work. This recipe is the complete opposite. It requires 3 simples steps and a very short list of ingredients making it easy to prepare and keep a batch whenever you feel hungry ! This treat has everything, a caramel made with dates a base made out of cashew nuts and a little layer of homemade chocolate. Rich and delicious , this treat is a bit decadent !

The ingredients

This ingredient list is short and sweet. You probably already have everything at home !

The base is made out of cashew nuts ,oats, coconut oil and maple syrup.

The caramel is made out of dates and almond butter.

The chocolate layer is made of out maple syrup, coconut oil and cocoa powder.

And that’s it !

Millionaire Shortbread Bites

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and will try it for yourself !

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