Homemade Falafel

The reasons we love falafel

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. There is nothing not to love about falafel. I often find myself craving them, so I finally decided to make some at home. To my surprise the process is not complicated at all. Making falafel at home requires only few ingredients, a couple of simple steps, very little time and they come out really well with a food blender or processor.

Falafel are made out of chickpeas, which make them a nourishing treat. Best served with hummus and a green tahini sauce on a warm pitta bread. I love how simple and affordable the ingredients are and still the falafel are packed with flavours.

The Ingredients

Chickpeas : For my falafel I used raw chickpeas. I'll admit that this requires some planning as they need to be soaked overnight. Using canned chickpeas is also an option. I definitely prefer the results with raw chickpeas as the falafel is less mushy. But it is all a matter of your personal taste and recipe adjustments (less flour). So go for whichever you have at home.

The fresh herbs :  The fresh herbs are the reason I love falafel so much. They give it the characteristic shades of green colour on the inside. Recipes usually require either parsley or coriander or a combination of both. I mixed parsley, coriander and added mint for its freshness. The 3 herbs add some delicious nuances to the falafel. I'll suggest respecting the ratio of 25g of fresh herbs using whichever of the 3 you have on hands.On a side note, this recipe was an excuse for me to grow even more fresh herbs at home. After basil for my cashew nut pesto recipe, I am now growing parsley, coriander and some mint.

The Spices :  The spices are really important in this recipe, as they are essential in giving the falafel its characteristics taste. I used a mix of cumin, cardamom, salt and pepper.

Flour & Baking Powder : Flour helps binding the mixture and dry it out a bit so it doesn't crumble during the frying process (if doing so). To make this recipe gluten-free, simply ditch the flour for your favourite gluten-free one. Note that too much flour will make your recipe dry. Baking powder is used to add some lightness and fluffiness to the falafel.

Finally, don't forget the onion and garlic, believe me when I just say that their aromatic flavour would be missing if you did.


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The Recipe


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