3 communication skills to build a successful team

Good communication is key to build a high-performance team

Effective team communication creates a good atmosphere in the office. This blog post is for small and medium business owners and managers who are looking to build an efficient team.

1. How do you feel? 

This method is suitable for small and medium teams. The main “How do you feel” purpose is to establish dedicated time for each member of the team to express their feelings. 

You can implement it at the beginning of a weekly meeting for example. 

The goal is to ask to each member of the team how do they feel and ask for real answers. 

If there is any tensions, conflicts or complaints. This is the right time to go through any problems in the team. 

2. Deal with the problem at the early stage 

As a business owner or manager your responsibility is to resolve problems as soon as possible. Don’t let a bad situation get worse because you wan’t to avoid dealing with it. 

If you feel any tension, any bad behaviour, react straight and don’t leave it thinking it will improve by itself. 

If an employee does not do their job properly, if there is any tension, ask for a one-to-one to clarify and understand what’s wrong.

Leaving the situation as it is will make it worse and it will become harder to resolve the issue.

3. Train your team to communicate

Train your team to improve their communication skills. They need to know how to give and receive an information to avoid any bad situation. 

  • Clarify: Clarification is important as it allows the listeners to make sure their understanding is correct and it will resolve any areas of confusion or misunderstanding. 

  • Verify: Verification is important in any process as it allows the protagonists to make sure the task has been done. 

    For example: If Ana asks Paul to do something, Ana should verify that Paul did it after all. 

  • Don’t make assumptions: Don’t think that your vision or approach is the right one. Everyone thinks differently and if something is obvious for someone, it may not be for someone else. 

I hope this blog post will help you to improve communication in your team!

Talk to you soon,


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