Chocolate, Cashew nuts & Cranberries Granola Bar

Why we love Granola Bar

I am a serial snacker. A serial snacker on a quest for healthier sweet treats. These Homemade Granola Bars are one of them. They are a tasty powerhouse, giving you the small boost you need. They are filling and quite satisfying, thanks to the oats and dates. They are sweet but not overly sweet to provide a sugar overload.

And as always, this recipe is highly customizable. There is really nothing not to love about Granola Bar because you can use the ingredients you love...or have left in your kitchen.

The Ingredients

The basic recipe is quite similar to our Energy Balls one. You'll need some oats, rice Krispies or some puffed quinoa. You then add in your extras such as cashew nuts, coconut flakes, cranberries, name it. The possibilities are endless.  You could do without but you'll definitely miss on a top level Granola Bar. To bid the ingredients all together, you'll need some honey, nut butter, date paste, actual butter, oil...

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1 : I recommend toasting your oats for this recipe. It adds a bit of crunch and nutty flavour to it. It doesn't take much time and really makes a difference. It also makes a great topping on some yoghurt.

Tip 2 : Make sure you press down the oats mixture firmly to the pan. It helps bidding the ingredients altogether so your granola bars won't crumble... Unless you're looking for some Granola , maybe ?!

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The Recipe


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