Our Story ...


Daphne and Orelia met in 2016 at work in Dublin. As they share the same passion for food and laughing, it was easy to strike up a friendship.  
After a visit to France, Orelia realized that organic products were not so available in Ireland and she saw the opportunity to start a business, which has always been a dream for her. She shared the idea with Daphne, who was thrilled about it! They are working hard to make their dream come true and they hope that you will be part of it. 

They decided to go for a subscription box concept because it is a big trend in the world at the moment. 



Why Hazelnut Box? 

Thanks to our project, we can express our creativity and love for baking and discover new products for the upcoming boxes. 
 It is a new and exciting challenge every month! 

We decided to advertise organic & natural products because we believe in the value of organic farming and we want to support high quality products . 

We want to be an ethical company. It is why, we are working on reducing our waste print by using ecological and reusable packaging. 



What's Organic? 


Organic is a method of production which respects the biodiversity & environment. Organic farmers in the European Union have to respect strict rules such as the nature's system cycles and ensure the health of the soil, water and plants.  

Organic certification assures the consumer that the product is free of GMO, pesticides and other chemicals products. Organic labels such as the EU organic farming logo gives a visual identity to the organic farming sector. 

Organic products are tastier and more nutritious than non-organic food. 


The Team 


Orélia Baumel

I am from France and I am passionate about fine food.
I love discovering new products all the time.
My favorite product is cheese of course, as I am french (such a cliche...).


Daphné Nkiani

I am from Belgium and I have been passionate about baking since I was little.
My favorite cake is the carrot cake which I bake every day .... (just joking)!